Eaters (2017)


“Grinding and quirky” – The New Yorker

“Eaters have made an album that rewards those who listen by providing a different experience each time you put it on. Layered, complex, and varied, it pays off in different ways.” – Post Trash

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Eaters (2014)


“The textures on Eaters are beautiful: Grim and subdued but so rich you could raise tomatoes in them.” – Pitchfork

“It’s as though Eaters found a hidden path in the mainframe of machine music that leads to an emotional core thought impossible in the metal cogs and live wires.” – Impose

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Prisms (2016)


Prisms was conceived as a soundtrack to Eyes Have Brightened, the sound/light installation by Christopher Duffy and Eaters at Knockdown Center in Queens, NY. This collection of improvised, beat-less instrumental music was produced by Bob Jones and Jonathan Schenke in November 2016.”

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“Performing Human (Eaters Mix)” from Parquet Courts – Performing Human EP (2016)

Moment of Inertia (2015)

“Moment of Inertia is an audio-visual experiment from the group Eaters, conceived by visual artist and group member Christopher Duffy.  A large cylinder of glass serves as a manually-spun platter for an altered turntable, playing an original composition cut to acetate.  Void of a motor of any sort, the turntable slows over the course of the composition, eventually coming to a complete stop.  Throughout the experience, tempo and pitch fluctuate, exploring perceptions of speed, elasticity, and entropy.”

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“Finland.wav” from Stadiums & Shrines – Dreams (2015)

“Radioland” (2014)

“Banner of Your Own Choosing” from Driftless Ambient 1 (2014)